Grayhound quadruped update: Legs show signs of hope (Pics)

We are still VERY much in the assembly & experimentation phase, but after putting the first version of the legs together, it’s looking promising! The robot can so far be posed in a few different positions completely un-powered which is a great sign that it’s going to have a nice passive balance overall – and I haven’t even installed the belt-tensioners!

I ended up having to extend the shell on the upper link in order to accomodate some changes I made inside, so for right now you’ll see an added section of plastic that will eventually go away. The feet are indeed Squash balls, it worked great for the MIT Mini Cheetah so I’m sticking with that solution for now. In fact, I’m not at all sure this leg “design” will be long-term, but I needed to start somewhere while I work out the rest of the robot.

Anyways, more to come on this quadrupedal robot, Grayhound is starting to take shape and it’s very exciting so I felt it was worth showing off a bit where I’m at today. Stay tuned!

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